Overview: Truth is at the very core of personal growth. If we don’t have the truth about a certain situation, then we will oftentimes go down the wrong path, thinking that we are going the right way, only to find out that there was a better way. Our ability to access the truth is a skill that we can develop. In fact, its critical for our survival, growth and nourishment. All of us have truths and untruths. Limiting beliefs are one form of untruths. Peeling away the layers of untruths is empowering and just like the song and many people will say, ‘the Truth Will Set You Free’.

For maximum effectiveness, listen as frequently as you are able. The music creates the emotions and the words create the direction for those emotions. A new energy and belief is planted into your subconscious. Allow the song to get ‘stuck in your head’. That’s a good thing. That means its working. Repetition is key. Over time, you will notice differences. You will see yourself take NEW and DIFFERENT actions than the ones you’ve taken before. You will notice your ability to transform and change for the better to be easier. You may notice synchronicities and amazing coincidences. Every person’s journey is different and unique. It is powerful. When you hear the words, consciously accept and internalize them, if you agree with the words of the song.

Recommended Listening Schedule: Start with 10x day for 2-3 weeks.

Tip 1: Add it to a playlist on your Ipod or Itunes & have it loop the song. That way you can be listening while doing your regular tasks.

Tip 2: Listen to your playlist of Musical Manifestation Songs while meditating, exercising, doing household work and at whatever other times are appropriate for you.

Full Lyrics: Think of these words as affirmation statements. Do you agree with them? Do you want them to be a part of your belief system? This music can help to transfer these beliefs into your subconscious, bypassing barriers we may have in place to prevent them from taking hold.

“Nutrition Assimilation” Lyrics

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