One in a Million Daddy – Happy Birthday


Overview: This Happy Birthday Song for Fathers is brand new as of June 2016 and is a Personalized Song by Jean Teague, of North Carolina. Working together with the team at Transformational Songs, Jean had a desire to not only wish her own Father (who is in his early 90’s) a Happy Birthday in a very touching, loving way, but she also wanted to make this song available to others who may want to express their love to their own fathers through this heart felt song.

Think about how your father might feel when you give him this song on his Birthday. Order this song today and help support our newest songwriter, Jean Teague!

Jean has also created another version of “One in a Million Daddy” that is for Father’s Day, rather than just birthdays. You can order that song by clicking here:

One in a Million Daddy – Father’s Day Version

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“One in a Million Daddy – Happy Birthday” Lyrics

When I was just a little child, not very long ago,
I always wanted to be with my Dadd- y-oh
I love him so, I love my…

One in a Million Daddy
He’s Very Special to Me
He’s True Blue, through & through
He’s my One in a Million Daddy

Everyday now, all the time
I’m thankful for my Daddy
Because he’s mine
Because he’s mine

One in a Million Daddy
He’s Very Special to Me
He’s True Blue, through & through
He’s my One in a Million Daddy

Now my Daddy is getting older
And what do I think
I think I’d like to wish my Daddy
…Something sweet

I wish him…

Happy Birthday Daddy
You’re very special to me
You’re True Blue, through & through
And I’ll always love you

Because you’re my…
One in a Million Daddy


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