Money Energy Exchange


Overview: The exchange of money first begins with the value of the service or product you are offering. Sometimes our focus is too much on the getting and we may forget that getting more money is directly related to the value that we are giving. When we provide a higher value, the money that comes back to us increases as well. This song focuses on this exchange and developing the beliefs to heal our relationship with money.

For maximum effectiveness, listen as frequently as you are able. The music creates the emotions and the words create the direction for those emotions. A new energy and belief is planted into your subconscious. Allow the song to get ‘stuck in your head’. That’s a good thing. That means its working. Repetition is key. Over time, you will notice differences. You will see yourself take NEW and DIFFERENT actions than the ones you’ve taken before. You will notice your ability to transform and change for the better to be easier. You may notice synchronicities and amazing coincidences. Every person’s journey is different and unique. It is powerful. When you hear the words, consciously accept and internalize them, if you agree with the words of the song.

Recommended Listening Schedule: Start with 10x day for 2-3 weeks.

Tip 1: Add it to a playlist on your Ipod or Itunes & have it loop the song. That way you can be listening while doing your regular tasks.

Tip 2: Listen to your playlist of Musical Manifestation Songs while meditating, exercising, doing household work and at whatever other times are appropriate for you.

Full Lyrics: Think of these words as affirmation statements. Do you agree with them? Do you want them to be a part of your belief system? This music can help to transfer these beliefs into your subconscious, bypassing barriers we may have in place to prevent them from taking hold.

“Money Energy Exchange” Lyrics

Verse 1
My Relationship With Money
Is Completely Healed.
The Energy Exchange Is Balanced
Its What I Know and How I Feel

And I’m Providing the Greatest Service
Every Working Day
Receiving A Lot of Money
And Abundance is Here to Stay

For All I Do, To Get Paid,
I Feel Joy and Peace
For All I Do, To Get Paid,
I Choose Integrity

I Feel So Confident
In My Money Energy Exchange

Verse 2
And I Know that I Am Adding
Massive Value to Other Peoples Lives
I Continue To Get Lots of Money
Its Cause My Quality is So High

And My Money Exchange Keeps Growing
Cause My Products Are in High Demand
The People All Know I Can Help Them
I Get Results that I Have Planned

For All I Do, To Get Paid,
I Feel Joy and Peace
For All I Do, To Get Paid,
I Choose Integrity

I Feel So Confident
In My Money Energy Exchange

Verse 3
The Results Are So Amazing
I Know With Full Confidence
That Money is Received So Easy
Giving Thanks, I Am Content

And I’m Honest In All My Dealings
I’m Trusted by Those Who Pay Me
I’m Receiving A Lot of Money
It Keeps Increasing in Every Way

I Feel So Confident
In My Money Energy Exchange

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